Churches need to go mobile

A quick post today to show you our latest infographic about websites.
Today more and more people access your website from their mobile phone or tablet.  So it’s important to make sure that your website respond to the various… Continue reading

Churches need a website

Churches need a website

There are lots of Christians.  In fact there are more Christians attend church every week than people that are members of political parties in the UK.  Christianity is the backbone of society in the… Continue reading

Don’t use Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer – any version then you are at risk of being hacked by a security flaw in the browser.  It’s such a serious vulnerability that the US Department of Homeland Security has advised people… Continue reading

Have You A Members Only Club!

Members are important to any church website.  They have signed up to coming back over and over again.  They’ve said to you that they believe in what you are doing and want to see more of it. … Continue reading

Are You Dynamic Enough?

Visitors like dynamic content.  They want stuff that changes, photos, text, video.  They want surveys, polls, free giveaways and more.  Visitors are demanding and if you don’t satisfy their appetite for content they’ll drop you and look… Continue reading

Why on earth did you do that!

Structure, structure structure.  That’s what we’re going to talk about.  Although content is great and the core of the website, it’s closely followed by structure.  You need to figure out a way to signpost things for your… Continue reading

Content Alert! Easter is here

Yesterday I wrote about the benefit of great content and today I thought I’d give an example.  I was talking to one of our customers last night – they wanted me to update their site, change some sliders, add… Continue reading