Have you started to use the iPad for God’s purpose?

iPad, iPhone, Android and every other type of mobile device are changing the face of the Internet.  Is your church ready?  Are you able to take things to the mobile level?

Once again the statistics are out and they are yelling at all webmasters and people who want to use the internet to get their message across:


In the UK 80% of people can access the internet.  That’s about 51 million people. They access the internet by phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer each and every day.  At least 14million of them have a tablet like an iPad and many spend almost 2 hours a day using it to find information from the internet (e.g send email, access forums, comment on blogs etc).  If you want your website to be relevant then you need to act.  Why?  Because 98% of website visitors found websites that don’t work on mobile!  That’s right a large number of site just don’t work!  They haven’t realised that mobile is hugely important and so haven’t bothered to make their site work in a readable fashion.

So here is your opportunity to get ahead of the field.  Now is the time to make your site mobile friendly and make it a warm and friendly place for your visitors.  Somewhere they’ll like to hang out and visit.  If you want to see a responsive site in action have a look at ours.  Click the home button and look on different devices, it’s readable, you can use it easily and you can find the stuff you want quickly.

Changing your site to be mobile doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re already using a industry standard platform.  Normally it’s a few hours work to change the CSS and hey presto you’ve a site that works everywhere.  We can help if you’d like or ask your current website supplier to make your site mobile.

If your church wants to go mobile then why not have a look at our infographic which gives a summary of the key points and then get your website updated.

If you’d like to use this infographic please go to the main webpage about mobile and it’s use in church websites here


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