Free content and ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to write about. How to keep it themed to the current date. How to make it relevant and interesting. If that’s you then this section is for you. It’s a mix of ideas and thoughts on content to help you fill your website with interesting content for your visitors.

3 things to blog about in June

Hope, Happiness and Holy Matrimony

For June I’ve decided to focus on the way this time of year makes us feel and how we can spread those feelings of hope and happiness around our neighbours and friends. June marks the… Continue reading

Writing content for the Month of May

May is the month of re-birth, change and transitions. Spring is well and truly here and Summer is just around the corner. The dates of note I’ve chosen this month reflect these themes and build on the idea of re-newing… Continue reading

Content is King!

Why November Is The Perfect Time For Reflection And Remembrance


Highlighting important dates in the calendar and creating engaging articles around these dates, is a great way to keep your website lively and exciting. By planning ahead and putting… Continue reading

Have You A Members Only Club!

Members are important to any church website.  They have signed up to coming back over and over again.  They’ve said to you that they believe in what you are doing and want to see more of it. … Continue reading

Are You Dynamic Enough?

Visitors like dynamic content.  They want stuff that changes, photos, text, video.  They want surveys, polls, free giveaways and more.  Visitors are demanding and if you don’t satisfy their appetite for content they’ll drop you and look… Continue reading

Why on earth did you do that!

Structure, structure structure.  That’s what we’re going to talk about.  Although content is great and the core of the website, it’s closely followed by structure.  You need to figure out a way to signpost things for your… Continue reading

Content Alert! Easter is here

Yesterday I wrote about the benefit of great content and today I thought I’d give an example.  I was talking to one of our customers last night – they wanted me to update their site, change some sliders, add… Continue reading

Visitors rule the content

Church WebsitesWell today I thought I’d write a course of our customers.  I get asked all the time about the best way to improve websites, what works and what doesn’t.  People are really interested in making sure they are… Continue reading