Churches need a website

Churches need a website

There are lots of Christians.  In fact there are more Christians attend church every week than people that are members of political parties in the UK.  Christianity is the backbone of society in the UK, don’t believe anyone that tells you differently.  The statistics are clear, almost 60% of people class themselves as Christian, of them almost 7.6 million go to church at least once a month and contrary to popular belief the church in London is growing not shrinking.  There is no need to be disheartened.  Christianity is still on the rise across the world and is more relevant in the UK than any political or pressure group.

Websites allow you to help spread that message across the UK.  They allow visitors to get to know your church and the people that go there in a non threatening environment.  They have the added advantage of being relevant to younger people.  They are the first place younger people turn for information about God and how to build their Christian faith.  You can help them by building a great website.

If you want to embed the graphic in your website here is the code:

Churches can help people find God – build a website!

Here’s the info-graphic (click to view a larger version):












All the data sources for this graphic can be found here:

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