5 Things To Do Today to Help Visitors find God

Thing 1

Send out an email to all the members of your church asking when they last visited the website.  Tell them of the new things you’ve been doing.  Tell them about the interesting material, stuff that might be useful to them:

Dear Jan,

hHave you been to our website recently?  We’ve been adding new stuff to make it better and better.  You’ll find an up to date list of phone numbers, dates and time of events, list of sermon topics and we’ve even put up a whole bunch of new photos.  There are some of you!

If you’ve not joined yet you’ll be able to see some of this on the site but things like the photos are in a restricted members area.  You can easily join just by registering.

See you soon


Your name


Anything like that.  So why thing 1 first?  Well it helps you figure out things, 2,3,4 and 5.  As you write the letter you figure out what would attract your church members.  Perhaps it’s not the events and sermons but the photos.  Perhaps it’s finding out the latest news about people in the congregation or even joining a forum and having on line discussions.  Whatever it is writing a letter is a good way to figure it our and then let them know what you’re thinking.

When you send the mail send it individually.  Don’t send it by filling in lots of people in the To or CC list.  People ignore letters to lots of people, they think it’s just a circular!  Instead use a mailing system (we provide one with our websites so I’m guessing other companies will do the same).  Mailing systems send the mail to one person at a time.  They get the first name, load it up, send the mail, get the next name, send the mail and so on.  They do this until they’ve been through the full church website mailing list.  You can include images and attachments too.

When you do thing 1 you should be sure to track the response.  If you don’t have analytics installed on your site you should add it first and then watch it as the numbers change when you send out the mail.  You should see a rise over the first 2 days and then a return to normal.  If you send it on a Friday or Thursday night you’re likely to see a bigger rise.

So something you can do now.  Get the people you have coming to your church website and then you’ll find they’ll invite others, especially if you put up new, useful and interesting material.

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