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Why November Is The Perfect Time For Reflection And Remembrance


Highlighting important dates in the calendar and creating engaging articles around these dates, is a great way to keep your website lively and exciting. By planning ahead and putting together some stand-out content, you can really take the lead. So, let’s start with November.

November truly is a time of great remembrance and reflection. It comes before the busy run up to Christmas and offers a quiet time for contemplation. Use your website to engage visitors in what it means to empathise with others through reflection and remembrance. Leave people with a feeling of comfort and a strong sense of thankfulness for those who have sacrificed themselves for us. This can be a great way to get your message across to your visitors that your website is a hand being held out across the internet. There are various ways you can do this through your website which will have your visitors wanting to return again and again and also encourage new visitors. Here are three examples.


Suggested Article 1- Let’s Talk About All Soul’s Day


Perhaps one of the lesser known dates of significance amongst most people, All Soul’s Day is still an important and relevant day today.  Dates like All Soul’s Day were once a time of bringing everyone together to remember the lives of great saints, and in turn those closest to us. Encouraging these less observed festivals and dates into the forefront of people’s minds again can have a profound effect. Start with a re-cap of what All Soul’s Day is and why we should still mark it as an important time. Give a little of the history behind the day and explain why this is relevant to our lives today. You can link in the parallels between All Soul’s Day and the more recognised Remembrance Day, which is just over a week later, and show why these two dates are both about the same important practises and prayers.


Suggested Article 2 – Participation


If you allow and even encourage comments to articles and blogs on your website, this can be a great way to invite discussion and participation from visitors. Always make sure you have the ability to check and moderate comments before they appear live on your site, but see this as a positive step to making visitors feel a part of your online community.

At this time of year it might help to ask readers to comment with their own stories of remembrance and reflection. Open up the discussion by explaining what Remembrance Sunday is all about and why it’s important to keep alive the memory of those who are no longer with us. Explain that, while Remembrance Sunday focusses on our armed forces, it also offers the opportunity to remember our loved ones, whoever they might be, and to think of them now in a better place. Talk about how remembering is a healing process and how God’s love makes that possible. From here you can invite others to share their own personal stories of remembering loved ones and also to comment in general about what Remembrance Sunday means to them. This can prompt a wider discussion and really make people feel involved.


Suggested Article 3 – Reminding Us All What Remembrance Is


Remembrance Day is a widely recognised date in everyone’s diary and has become more and more popular over the last few years. By focussing an article on this important date you can attract visitors who may not previously have come to your website.  Remembrance Day is acknowledged by Christians and non-Christians alike and many who don’t already identify themselves as Christians may be surprised to find that they do carry these same Christian values without previously realising it. Create an article which outlines why Remembrance Day is such a significant day to everyone in the country. Talk about the sacrifice these men and women made for their country and for all of our futures and draw the parallel between this and the sacrifice Jesus also made for all of us.

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