Ajax for modules

We use ajax for our modules to allow us to update pages without the need to completely reload them. This is especially useful when we need to have pages for the different content types. For example when we display YouTube… Continue reading

What to say in July?


Church websites in July

At home and Abroad

For July I’ve used the theme of ‘travel’ to suggest blog posts and articles which are inclusive to your readers. Summer holidays and the weather at home are two of the… Continue reading

Training at Wallacewell

Today I went to Wallacewell Community Fellowship to train volunteers in using the their website.  Like many churches they have a website and now they want to do more.  Often we provide this type of support by… Continue reading

Content is King!

Why November Is The Perfect Time For Reflection And Remembrance


Highlighting important dates in the calendar and creating engaging articles around these dates, is a great way to keep your website lively and exciting. By planning ahead and putting… Continue reading

Churches need a website

Churches need a website

There are lots of Christians.  In fact there are more Christians attend church every week than people that are members of political parties in the UK.  Christianity is the backbone of society in the… Continue reading

Don’t use Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer – any version then you are at risk of being hacked by a security flaw in the browser.  It’s such a serious vulnerability that the US Department of Homeland Security has advised people… Continue reading