Websites for Christians

We build world class websites for christians which is where we got our name Websites4Christians from.  We've always believed that building websites for churches and Christian organisations offers a superb opportunity to allow us to help you spread God's Word.  That's why we've set about building a world class website design and development company and have latterally branch out into helping with all froms of computing and IT.

When we first started we found that the passion we had for sharing God's Word this way was shared by a lot of people however the resources available to them were not great.  Most churches were using site builder systems (many still are) and were being forced into using systems that were really designed for businesses rather than Christian organisations.  The suppliers were often businesses and so they didn't understand how churches and Christian organisation operate and the differences between the various parts of the church.

Resolved to be different

When we started building websites for Christians we resolved to be different.  We thought about offering the same sitebuilder system that the other companies offer (in fact we still have the system today) but we decided early on that if you wanted to share God's Word across the internet then you shouldn't be limited by the site builder systems.  Instead you should be able to look at the web and figure out what bits might work and then put them into a site.  Equally we thought you shouldn't need to maintain a site for mobile devices and a site for computers and of course perhaps one for tablets.  You should have one site and one site only.  You need an easy church website!

Unlike many others in the website supply business we came to the supply of websites for Christians from a software development perspective.  This meant that we knew that we could develop anything that was needed to make a site sparkle!  However we were equally concious that many of the people using our software wouldn't want to learn a whole new system.  So we came up with a way of making great sites that are easy to update.

All the help needed

We knew that our easy to update websites wouldn't be enough so we added in extra services and help for our customers.  In particular we were concious that customers needed a way to get their website updated when the person running the site for them left or got ill or ...  So we introduced our monthly update package to provide low cost updates.  This enabled lots of churches to simply send us an email whenever they wanted something added or changed.  It made it easy to have an up to date website.

We've kept adding this help and now we offer all the IT services you will ever need: computer backup, email, coffee shop wifi, IT support and more...