Websites for churches

Websites4Christian specialies in websites for churches.  We built our companyy to help churches and Christian organisations build great websites.  We think all churches should have a world class website.  In the past that's not been possible because the only sites that churches could afford were either template sites or site builder sites.  Systems that limited what you could do and that were actually designed for business rather than for churches.

So we're leveling the playing field.  You can now have a world class website for your church, something that would cost thousands of pounds if you bought it from a commercial website development company.  We provide it at a fraction of the cost but with all the functionality, support and training.  We can't think of any reason why God's Word should be provisioned on a system that isn't really up to the job!

So when it comes to websites for churches there are a few things to think about.  Key things that whilst you might not want them immediately you are likely to want them in the future.

Sermon upload

Sermon upload is something that is often offered in site builder sites.  However you need to look closely.  Can you design a page so that it looks the way you want it to look?  That's really the key.  We offer sermon upload but don't prescribe what page layout you use.  We do of course have experience of what works and what doesn't - especially when you take into account mobile devices.

Members area

Members area can be made to look completely different to the main website.  Whilst this isn't essential it can be a help to at least change the menu bar so that it is obvious to members that the facilities are there just for them.  This also needs to be a secure area where it is safe to leave members personal details (like the church directory)


Churches generally have a few rotas.  We used to put the rotas on seperate pages in the members area however now we generally have one page with tabs for each of the rotas.  Something that works well both in mobile and tablet too.

Image gallery

Websites for churches almost always need an image gallery.  This appears either in the members area or in a reduced form in the open internet part of the site.  Our gallery can be set in a variety of formats to allow quick views or even slide shows.

Video gallery

Church websites increasingly need the ability to produce video galleries.  Similar to photo gallerries we can build these in a variety of formats to enable you to display your countent i the way you want.

These are just some of the features you should consider for your site, there are plenty of others like mailing list software.  However two are definetly worth thinking about: security software and back up software.  We always provide both.  Church websites have a history of being attacked on a regular basis so security and backup are very important.

If you'd like to find out more or discuss things and ideas with us please feel free to contact us.