Easy Church websites

When building websites for churches we work hard to build easy church websites!  In short this means building sites that are easy on the eye of the visitor, easy for the visitor to find information and easy for the church to maintain just what you'd expect from great Christian web developers.

Easy on the eye

A website that is easy on the eye is one where you aren't bombarded with lots of colour and lots of images.  Instead a well designed site enables you to look at it and feel that it's something you want to know more about.   In general this means a site with open space or put another way plenty of white space.  The white space makes it feel "roomy" and "comfortable" something that visitors always aspire to have.

Easy for the visitor to find information

Once the comfort level has been achieved for your visitors the next step is to ensure that they can easily navigate your site.  This is achieved through well defined signposting.  Signposting means putting up links, menu items and tiles to make it easy for the visitor to see where information is.  A mistake often made with this is to include images rather than text.  Whilst this works to an extent it doesn't help search engines index you site since they currently can't search images.

So a good design will have a mixture of images (which are easy on the eye) and text (which is great for search engines) to enable a well blended set of signposts for your visitors.  Building this is not always straightforward but we like to build easy church websites so we're happy to help.

Easy for the church to maintain

The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle is for the you to be able to easily update your website.  When we build websites for churches we use a system that means editing pages is like using a word processor.  You simply log in an change and update the text as you need.  If you want new pages or additional feature we can add them for you or if you feel comfortable you're welcome to do this too.  All the systems and software we provide can be run by you or by us for you or a combination of the two methods.  Often we find that churches like us to do the more technical things whilst they are happy to update existing pages themselves.