The Core Elements

tickbrainstormFull multi level menu system.  Create top menu, site menus and menus anywhere.  Use advanced features update as often as you want.

tickUnlimited pages and the ability to group pages by category so you can easily display like pages together (e.g. News or Events).

tickFull WSIWIG page editor which is just like using a word processor and allows you to add and update pages easily.

tickAbility to add PDF and other documents for download by users directly into any web page.

tickCreate single article pages or multi article pages easily.

tickUpdate at any time from your computer or tablet.

tickDomain registration and full DNS management

tickSite designed specifically for your church or Christian organisation by our design team.  Tailor made websites!

tickMembers with controlled access levels depending on the visitor and their registration.

tickUnlimited email addresses including full spam protection.

tickPhoto gallery with quick photo upload system and management.

tickEmbedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo

tickSlideshows including moving images and text on any page

tickFull and Incremental site backup.

tickFull security software to block hack attacks.

tickSites that work across multiple formats - phones, PC, tablet, laptop etc.

Additional Elements (added if you'd like them)

tickFull Wordpress blog integration including matching the look and feel to the website.

tickGoogle maps embedded to show your locationwordcloud

tickSite map creator to aid in search engines indexing

tickPod Cast to allow sermons management and download feeds.

tickCustomised 404 page (the page shown when a visitor types in a page that doesn't exist)

tickNewsletter emailing system (small additional charge to cover extra license we need to buy)

tickSMS mailing system (small additional charge to cover extra license we need to buy and we charge per sms sent)

tickShop (small additional charge to cover extra license we need to buy)

Other stuff

We can pretty much add anything else you've seen on a website.  Remember we're building from scratch just for you so you get exactly what you want at a low cost but with great service.

Oh and in case you're wondering you don't have to do any of the coding tech stuff, we'll do that for you.  So why not contact us now and we can have a talk about your project, click here to send us an email.