Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Church website really needed

Yes! Today more and more people use the internet as their first port of call when looking for information.  Why not have a read of our infographic on the topic by clicking here?

I have a church website address (or a domain name) - can I keep this?

Normally we can transfer your existing name for you so that you can continue using it.  If you don't have an address we can help you register one and can give you hints and tips on how to pick the name.

Do you lock us into a contract?

No.  We don't have a minimum contract.  If your circumstances change and you want to do something else just let us know.  We'll be sad to see you go but will help you in any way we can.  Our core aim is and will remain to help churches with their online presence.

What happens if we decide to cancel?

We are sure you'll like your website.  But if you want to leave just let us know.  You own the domain name so you can easily transfer it to another website provider.  We'll even help to make the transfer smooth.  We want your church to succeed on the web and so we'll help in any way we can.

What are the benefits of Websites4Christians over other website providers?

We provide websites that are fully featured.  If they have a feature missing that you want then if at all possible we'll add it for you.  Our list of features and site capabilities is huge and we believe that we offer more than any one else.  We offer some of the best value on the web at only £7.99 per month for a fully hosted site with email, security and built in backup.  We don't use home made systems, instead we use well known software like Joomla and Wordpress.  Joomla accounts for about 3% of all the websites in the world and the last time we looked there were over 60 million Wordpress sites.  We provide you with the best software available but the best bit is we set it up, customise it and keep it up to date.

Do your websites work on mobile phones and other devices?

Yes.  We take very seriously the need to make websites work on mobile in a way that is appealing and useful.  We work hard with you to make sure things work smoothly and well for all your visitors no matter what type of device they use.  Why not read our infographic on the subject by clicking here?

Do you put adverts onto my website?

Not unless you place them there.  For example you might want to advertise a local youth event or a local company that have helped you.  But we don't place any adverts on your site.

What support is provided by Websites4Christians

We provide full technical support and help.  We can even arrange to show you remotely how to do things on your computer so that you get the maximum help possible.  We are always ready to help by phone, email or by remote login.  We believe our support is one aspect that makes us stand out from the crowd.

What software do we need to install?

You don't need to do any software installation or anything technical.  We'll sort everything out for you.  We'll build the site and get it up and running and then arrange to help you get started. Unlike other providers we generally don't provide template sites (although we can if you are really keen).  We don't think you should have to choose from a set of predefined looks for your site.  Instead our designer will work with you, create a design specifically for you and then we'll build it.  This means you get a tailor made solution for your site rather than a mass produced site that looks like everyone else's website.  You don't need to settle for second best because you're building a church or Christian website.

How do I update my website?

Adding content to the site is a major part of making your site a success:  we often write about it on our blog.  We make it straightforward for you and we'll help you every step of the way.

Unlike other website providers we don't make you log into our site in order to make changes to your site.  This means that at all time, you are in control of your information.  We believe it's your site and we want to make it easy for you to control. 

  • We don't limit the number of users
  • We don't limit the number of administrators
  • We don't limit the number of editors
  • We don't limit email addresses

We could go on but you get the idea.  We don't put limitations on our websites.

What will we have to pay to setup our website?

Generally most churches want us to create a design for them.  Our current design fee is generally between £500 and £800 depending on what is required - number of pages that need designed etc.  We generally spend between 50 and 70 hours on each website.  We also charge a monthly fee of £7.99 for the hosting, security, backup, software upgrades and day to day site management.  However we're always keen to say, pricing should be no barrier to you getting your church or Christian organisation a website.  We have in the past (and we still do) built sites and hosted them for FREE.  Our aim is to spread God's Word and we hope that churches will support us where they can and if they can't then we'll do the work for free.

What costs might I not have thought of?

Our costs are transparent.  When you talk to us we'll clearly explain all costs involved.  The other costs that are sometimes charged are for consultancy work at £30 per hour.

Will we have to pay for updates and new features to the software?

We update the core software with patches and fixes when they become available (a bit like Microsoft updates) within the cost of the monthly package.  This doesn't include major upgrades (because they take a lot of time) unless you are on our monthly support package.

How do I pay for the website?

You can pay by BACS or cheque.

How can we transfer our existing site to Websites4Christians?

In some cases we can transfer the data for you.  We'd need to investigate your existing site and then we would be able to tell you what's involved.

Why pay for a website when we can create it ourselves?

Many churches have tried the free solution and within a month of two they discover the frustration of a poorly built site that doesn't work properly.  They can't make it work well and they've no one to ask how to get it working.  This is often coupled with the problem of a church member leaving and that person being the only one who knew what to do.  With Websites4Christians you don't have to worry we'll be there to walk the path with you and keep things on track.

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