What’s coming in 2013

As you know I’ve a passion for technology and in particular all things website related (especially Christian websites or Charity websites).  I’ve written about it many, many, many times!  So I thought I’d start of this year (2012) by giving a few technology predictions, it’ll be fun to see whether they happen over the year or not.

First up must be the move to mobile of websites and online information.  I read somewhere that already over 25% of all internet searches in the USA are made on mobile and with the plethora of new phones sold at Christmas this is about to go through the roof.  It’s taken a while to happen but this year will see the rise of mobile devices.  Tablets and phones will start to dominate the way that we access our on line lives.  Already many people rely on their phone for email and now more and more are relying on it to find extra information.  For example when you’re out and about and you need a phone number, or an address of that shop you need to visit.  Or you want to make a booking for your kid’s birthday party.  Lots of opportunities.

Second up I think cloud computing will start to come into it’s own.  Although most people don’t have a clue about this, it is on the cusp of really taking off.  Already Microsoft and Google are starting to push applications in the sky.  That’s a word processor that you access on line.  It means that anything you create (from birthday invitations to work documents) is available on any computer.  You simply log into your online application and hey presto you have everything available.  This year I think this technology will start to take off.  It won’t be like the rush of mobile on any device but instead it’ll be ab awakening of people’s minds to the possibility of having their information stored in places other than their computer.

Thirdly I think that we are going to see a big rise in on line applications.  This is distinct from cloud computing.  It simply means that websites are going to be more powerful.  You’ll be able to do a lot more than browse information.  You’ll be able to interact with them.  Forums, webinars, online help will all start to really mean something to the masses.  They will no longer be places for geeks and those that love technology.  Instead anyone and everyone will be able to access their benefits.

I can think of a lot more, driverless cars, space vehicles, non carbon cars, nanotechnology for a multitude of devices like self healing roads, the list is endless.  However in internet and web terms I think, mobile browsing, cloud computing and online applications are going to rule the roost in 2013.



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