One of the things that we do that other companies don’t is training.  I’m passionate about Christian Websites and so for me there is nothing worse than a site that is being neglected.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind where a site is designed to be a brochure site.  That’s a site which is there just to pass on name, address, location and so on.  It doesn’t pretend to be a site that is regularly updated.  However I think for most Christian organisations this isn’t the case.  Instead they want sites that can be updated regularly.

At Websites4Christians we build sites that can be easily updates.  They use word processor type systems that are pretty easy to understand.  To back this up we offer training and manuals in how to use the system.  You don’t have to rely on searching the web or hoping that someone will respond to a forum post.  Instead just call us and we’ll help you out.

It doesn’t matter how small the issue.  I know that most people don’t use the site everyday and so aren’t familiar with the system.  So if you’ve forgotten how to add a PDF or you can’t remember how to insert an image into a page give us a call and we’ll help you out.

In addition to this kind of help we also do formal training for people.  We have a variety of course available.  However all of them are tailored specifically for you.  We’ll even help out if your Christian Website isn’t hosted and built by us!!


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