5 Things Christian Web Developers should do for you

Church or Christian web developers should design and build your site in 5 stages. This will build your confidence as the work progresses and help to ensure a great result. We’ve developed our methods by building websites for Christians just like you.

By working closely with over 100 churches we have developed a detailed understanding of what works and how to blend it with church life. We listened to be sure that what we do fits with getting agreements and support within churches.

Focusing on couples, kids, students – your whole church; together we build a design and fill it with content. Your website shows the world what your church has to offer.

We build a website just for you. No standard templates. Instead you get a website tailored to represent you and your church. A website to encourage both existing and new members.

Our five point web development process:

Design discussion

First our Christian web designer will discuss what you want your site to look like and how it should function.  We often ask you for other site you like, colours you'd like included and any logos you want incorporated.  Most of this stage is us listening to you about what you'd like.  However we do make lots of suggestions and try to help you incorporate all the things you'd like.

Design, Build and Agree Terms

Generally we'll now set out what we're going to do and agree pricing.  The price various from site to site depending on lots of factors.  Perhaps the most important aspect of this for us is ensuring that whatever we do we end up getting you on line.  This means in some cases us doing the work for free or low cost.  Of course if you can pay for your site that will help us help others!

An Initial Design

Now we've worked out the details for the requirements our designer will create a landing page for you.  This is the design of the home page of the site.  This will set the colour scheme and the look and feel of the site.  Once you have this we can iterate it between us as many times as needed to ensure that you get a stand out landing page for your visitors.

Populating the site

Now the basic design is agreed we'll start to build a full mock up of the design.  This will include all  of the content and the images.  Once the mock up is agreed with you (and revised as needed) we'll then build the whole site live on the web using a test url.  This lets you see and test the website "live" on the internet and will allow us to adjust it for mobile devices and tablets.

Site revisions

Now you should have a fully functioning website.  That is almost ready to go live.  We now pause and work through the site to ensure that it really meets your needs and that you're happy with it.

Final release

At this stage the bulk of our work as Christian web developers is done.  So we put the site live on the web so that everyone can access it.  However this is really the beginning since it's from here on that you take over and start adding new content, images, video and so on.  We of course will always be available to support you and help you build and grow the site.