Do you worry about mistakes on your website?

Websites are dynamic.  Put simply a good website changes all the time.  This results in things changing and often stuff being put up that’s not quite right.  I’m often told that it’s a big problem for church sites.  The people adding content worry that it’s not quite right but it’s on the web for everyone to see.  So today I noticed something which I hope will give you some comfort.  This is a screen grab from the BBC website about 11 am on a Tuesday:


If you look at item 2 and 10 they say unnamed page.  So here is a major organisation with millions of visitors to their website (I read once they achieved delivering 40,000 pages per second!) with unnamed pages and not just one but 2 and in a major signpost in the site.

So the next time you spot a mistake in your site and start to worry what visitors will think just remember the BBC.  They often have things that aren’t quite right and they stay on the site for quite a while.  It’s not essential on a webpage to get it right first time because you can simply go in and change it later.


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