Do you know the 10 by 7 by 365 equation

10x7x365 = 3640

hThis equation sets out what would happen if 10 visitors came to your website every day of the year. You would get over 3500 visitors looking at your site. Now imagine that multiplied by 100 websites. That’s over 300,000 people looking at websites about God. So if all churches and Christian organisations write websites that are reasonably attractive to people then it’s possible to reach over half a million people each year and talk to them about God.


Websites can be a very powerful way of helping people to find God. You don’t have to reach many people just 10 a day hopefully other sites will be doing the same and suddenly lots and lots and lots of people will be finding out about God and what churches and Christian organisations are doing.  Christian and church websites will be helping to give people the opportunity to find out about God.


The content you add to your website needs to be appealing it needs to be relevant to your visitors and entertaining. Blogs are perhaps one of the easiest ways to provide this kind of information. You simply write about what your church is doing and what happened as a result of what it’s doing. This will be interesting to both new visitors and existing site visitors. You church members like to read about their activities and new visitors will like to hear what sort of thing you church does. Blog posts don’t have to be long anywhere above 200 words is good.


Often the website owners find it difficult to incorporate a blog into their website. At websites4Christians we often supply sites that have Blogs integrated into them. From the visitor’s perspective they don’t see a blog they just see an advanced website. We use WordPress for the blog. WordPress is an extremely popular blogging platform and provides all of the capabilities that you would hope for from a blog. It enables you to add tags to your content and categorise it to enable you visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for and importantly to find similar information that you might have blogged on before.


When writing a blog write on a topic you find interesting and that is up-to-date. So if your church has just put on a nativity play you could write about that. Alternatively you could also write about things like visiting the local farmers market, a quiz night, a Curry night, an Alpha course, a course on computing you set up for the local community and so on. The list is endless and in a church that has plenty of activities you should not find it too difficult to find an activity to write about once a week. If once a week is too much then try for once a month and build up to once a week.


It is worth remembering that you can have multiple bloggers. You don’t need to rely on just one person. WordPress and most blogging platforms will allow you to have multiple bloggers. So why not encourage several people to write about your church. You could have one person writing about youth activities and another person writing about men’s activities and another perhaps about women’s activities. Find the people that are interested and encourage them to write.

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