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I’m sure you’ve heard about the EU cookie directive!

If not don’t worry I have.  It’s a bit of legislation from Europe that states member states need to seek permission form their site visitors before they use cookies.  I’ve written a few pages on this which explains things in a bit more detail.  You can download it by clicking on the icon below:


Cookie Law and your organisation


A cookie is a small file that websites store on your computer which allows them to track information about you.  For example it’ll allow the website owner to track which pages you’ve been to and in what order.  It can be used for lots of other things too.  The EU wants all websites to ask visitors for permission before storing this information.  There are two ways of doing this; implied or explicit.


Implied is when a notice is put on the site which says if you continue using this site, we’ll use cookies.  The other is where the user must press a button before cookies are used.  Both are acceptable.  However if you’re asking for personally identifiable information then explicit is the route to follow.  If it’s just working out what pages someone is using then probably implicit is the road to go down.  You can’t identify the person.


You need to think about what policy you’ll adopt.


To help Joomla Christian website owners we’ve developed a module that does this.  You still need to think about the policy for your site but this is a great starting point.  It’s free and comes with instructions.  You can find the module and the instructions below:



Cookie Cutter Instructions v1


If you’ve any problems let us know and we’ll try to help you fix them.


That’s it for now.



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