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Building and running one of the Internet Christian websites is an important part of ministry and outreach.  You might think that I would say that running a Christian website building company but as you know we’ll build for free or more likely lower cost than most people on the web.  So I don’t say this out of self promotion (or rather company promotion), no I say it based on the falling numbers of young Christians!


Did you know that in 2001 the UK held a census which showed that 71% of people claimed that Christianity was their religion.  Sounds great until you hear some other figures.  For example Tearfund held a survey that showed that in practise only one in ten people actually go to church weekly.  If you’re a Christian perhaps this isn’t so surprising since you’ll see it happening at your church.


In 20011 another census was held in the UK and it found that the number of people claiming to be Christians had fallen to only 55% of the population.  Perhaps this fall was simply people being more accurate about their beliefs but however you want to spin the result it has to show a marked decline in people who believe they are Christians.


In particular there was a noticeable difference depending on your age.  Something like 38% in the age group of 18-34 believed.  But in the over 55 age group over 70% believed!  In short the younger you are the less likely you are to believe in God and understand Christianity.


Now if you think about it where does this group of young people hang out.  Well they hang out on the web.  They look at interesting stuff and look for interesting content on websites and that includes Christian websites.  So I believe passionately that building websites for potential Christians and existing Christians is absolutely part of every Christian ministry.  If you don’t look out the web will have washed away a whole generation.


Building Christian websites isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can get a high quality website for as little as FREE! Yes I did say free.  You can go onto Facebook now or Google or any number of places and create a web presence.  It’ll take no more than twenty minutes for someone who knows what they are doing or a couple of hours if you don’t.  Alternatively come to us and we’ll sort something out for you.  If you can’t afford it we do sometimes do free stuff but in all likelyhood it’ll cost between £250 and £700.


My hope is that today you join the people already creating Christian websites and go and create your own Christian website.  I want to reach out to the potential that is there and help them to find out about Christianity.  Help them to find God.  If this is what you want too why not get in touch, I’ll give you free help to get you Facebook site running.  Let’s get together and help God dominate the online space.  You never know one day we might have more Christian websites around than anything else.  Just imagine more Christain websites that any other sort of site.  Something to ensure that all of our youth and youngsters have the chance to learn about Jesus Christ.

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