Christian website builders

As Christian website builders we build websites for everyone.  Although we love building church websites we also love building websites for others.  We build for Christian organisations, charities and businesses in addition to churches.  We see each group as a seperate opportunity to help spread God's Word. No one group is more important than the other and in fact we've found over time that they have complementary needs which enable us to keep costs low and quality high.

Christian organisations

Christian organisations have very differing needs.  Some just want a corporate website to act as an on-line brochure but most want something more. The something more normally falls into one of two categories; fundraising capability or member area.  We have expertise in both.  The fundraising capacity is actually one of the areas of overlap with the church websites.  When we undertake a Christian website design we work with the organisation to build in all these requirements both for immediate launch and for future work.

Both Christian organisations and churches (find out more about our church website design services here) need the ability to offer systems to their visitors to allow them to buy tickets to events or seminars or other activities.  Websites4Christians met this need by developing a system that allows visitors to pay with paypal (or other merchant system) and then automatically receive their tickets by email.  The system even has the capability of adding a bar code to allow scanning of the tickets on entry to the event.  This overlap means that we can keep the costs low but the quality high and it enables smaller churches access to professional booking systems too!


Businesses might seem a bit off beat for a Christian website company but we love to work with them.  We aim to offer to them a service that shows that dealing with Christians in day to day life is normal.  This form of witness might not prove to be a fast way to let people hear the Word of God but they can't hide from God when dealing with us since it's in the name: Websites4Christians.  That said we don't make people feel guilty if they don't believe nor do we try to convince them about the benefits of a Christian life.  Instead we provide a great website and friendly advice.

Often we find that the business that come to us for a website are owned by Christians and so we can have a good time exchanging ideas and stories about the Christian life.  However we try really hard to avoid making non Christians feel pressured or uncomfortable.  After all that's not what a Christian life is about.


Like business we enjoy working with charities.  As Christians we appreciate the work they are doing and often the sacrifice they are making.  Charities too like to use our paypal systems but often for them it's to allow visitors to make donations to the charity rather than buying tickets.  Sometimes for charities we also build on line shops so we provide everything in one place to allow the charity to flourish.

We believe that with this scope and reach Websites4Christians is the place to come when looking for Christian website builders since we can provide all your website (and of course IT) needs in one place.