Church website design services

Websites4Christians offer a variety of church website design services which generally fall into one of two categories: Church website design or Christian website design. Our services cover both areas:  our focus is to build powerful church websites (or Christian websites) which help to promote the Word of God across the internet.  Of course we also love to build websites for charities and businesses too but at our heart we're aiming to help Christian organisations when it comes to websites, the internet and all things IT related.

Your church is special and unique

We want you to have something that's built just for you that's why we don't offer site builder systems or pre designed templates.  We think when you're spreading the Word of God it's worthwhile taking the time to make something that truly reflects your church identity.  Something that's built just for you.  Your church is unique and your website should be too.  You should have a website that reflects your church and its membership.  Something that's designed based on what you believe and what you want to share.  So to ensure that you get the best solution for your church or Christian organisation our designs are all tailor made for you.  We work with you to understand what your particular needs are and we start from there.  This means that you end up with something that reflects your organisation or church membership more accurately.  Something that doesn't look like every other church website! 

Easy to update and maintain

Although we build bespoke, tailor made websites we still supply a system that's easy to update.  You can log in from any computer and adjust the text, add new pages, change images, upload sermons, create sliders and more... 

Our church website design services include a lot of thought about the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the website.  We don't deliver a site and then simply point you at the on-line manuals and expect it all to be fine.  Instead we take the time to ensure that you can make the updates that you want.  Unlike others we provide free personalised training for you.  So when you want to add something to the site but you've forgotten how to add it you just need to give us a call.  Our aim is to help spread God's Word so we're happy to help make your website into the best that it can be.

Of course if you'd prefer we'll happily undertake the updates to your site for you.  You simply email us the changes you'd like and we'll update the site for you.  This service can prove very useful when the person running the website for the church (or organisation) leaves.  Often there is no one to take over.  We'll happily step in until someone else can be found and when they are we'll provide training to get them up to speed.