Top pages visited

Top pages visited is the pages that are the most visited on your site. Like most sites your home page is likely to be the top page. That’s why when we build websites for Christians or websites for churches we put so much emphasis on the opening or landing page. It’s the first image of the site we produce and the one we spend the most time getting right.  When you look at your top pages you’ll see why!

The first thing to check with your top pages is the bounce rate closely followed by the time on page. For our customers both these can be found easily in the analytics programme. If you have any problems finding them just give us a call and we’ll happily help. Once you have the bounce rate and the time on page you can quickly see how effective your top pages are. If the bounce rate is high or the time on page is low then you’ve some work to do.

Your top, top page is likely to be your home page. So it deserves special attention. This is the page that has the most interaction with your visitors and so it’s worthwhile putting in extra effort to get it right. Ideally you want to work on the page to ensure that the bounce rate falls below 25%. You do this by following our advice on the bounce page. Similarly with the time on page, have a look at our advice and tackle the time on page if it’s an issue. However remember that time on page being low on your home page might not be a problem. Often the home page is just a guide to other pages and if people access and move off it quickly that many be the action you want. The way to check is to look at the follow on pages.

Once you’ve worked on the home page move your way down the top five list of pages and strengthen each of them in turn. Look at the bounce rate first and then the time on page.