Entry pages

Entry pages refers to the first page that someone arrives at when they visit your website. They are important because you never get a second change to make a first impression. The first page you visitor land on is how they will remember your website. They will quickly form their first impression from a brief scan of a page. The question to think about is whether that impression they are getting is the right impression.

We provide the list of the key entry pages to your site – the top five. It’s worth spending some time looking at them to find out whether they are working well or not. You can do this by looking at the time on the page (using the detailed analytics) and what page they go to after the entry page.

If the time on page is low then perhaps you’re not providing enough interesting content. Perhaps you need to rethink what the visitor might be looking for. By looking at only the top five pages you are ensuring that you are focusing on only the main pages and by doing that you are focusing on your visitors. Look at why the time might be low, does the page have poor grammar, is the text slow and uninteresting to read, is the content the wrong content. Work your way through for each page and get the time on page to rise.
You can also look at the bounce rate of the page. If visitors leave the page quickly then they are not finding the information they need. They have a brief scan and can’t see what they want so they leave. If this is your page then you need to think about how to grab the visitor’s attention. Perhaps use a bold headline – “HURRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!” Or get a compelling image. Something to make the visitor hang on and read.

As you see the entry pages bounce rates and time on site improve then you can look at the other pages but first (and the reason we provide only five pages) focus on the top five and make them as perfect as possible. Focus on making sure they fit with the visitors needs and that the visitors like coming to your website as a result.