Building New Websites
Websites4Christians are leaders in designing low cost, bespoke websites for churches and other Christian organisations. We build tailor-made websites for each of our customers. After discussing options and possibilities with you, we come up with a design and then build it just for you. It's the difference between "off the shelf" and bespoke tailoring.

Water of Life

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ScreenShotWaterLifeThe water of life was something that Jesus said to a woman at a well when he asked for a drink.   It's from this passage in John that we've drawn our inspiration for this template.  It includes the passage and a design based on the water theme.


The header and graphics can be adjusted if required and we can even put your name in the "water font".  In the header you can include you own logo or can use one we design or use an existing one.  The possibilities are endless.


If you like the concept of the Water of Life then perhaps this style of website is for your church.  Perhaps you just like the coulour scheme.  That's fine too, we build everything to order so there is no problem changing things around. Why not click on the picture or here to go to the site.  It's fully functional and it'll allow you to quickly get a feel for how it works.

Great Features



We have multiple analytic platforms that we can set up for you, and we'll help you to understand how to get the best out of these statistics. Click «here» to find out more about our analytics systems.



We can build a secure area where you can share information for members only, or even just for church staff. An area for your church directory, minutes of meetings or photos of the creche!


Multiple Screens

Today's sites need to work across a multitude of devices - tablets, PCs, phones etc. They need to be responsive. We build these types of sites by default, so you don't have to worry.



Knowing there is someone you can phone is a must. Staffed by Christians who are happy to help, we can even log in "live" and show you how to solve the difficulty you are having.