Building New Websites
Websites4Christians are leaders in designing low cost, bespoke websites for churches and other Christian organisations. We build tailor-made websites for each of our customers. After discussing options and possibilities with you, we come up with a design and then build it just for you. It's the difference between "off the shelf" and bespoke tailoring.

Custom Website Design

As a company Websites4Christians wants to help you get on line and spread God's Word.  That's our starting point.  We want to make it simple and straightforward but still ensure that visitors get the best experience possible.

Generally we're not fans of website builder solutions.  I'm sure you've looked at them.  They promise a lot and often fail to deliver.  We should know we have one of the best ones on the market but we don't use it.  We've found that most churches have unique needs.  They want to be able to lay out their site in a way that makes sense to them and not be limited by which box they can drag and drop text into!

We offer premium website design at a low cost.  A typical hand designed site from Websites4Christians will only cost between £500 and £700.  What's more if you're a small church we'll help with the cost and in some cases we'll do the work for free.

When we talk about premium we mean just that.  We work though a six stage process:

Stage 1: Design Discussion

First we sit down and discuss what you want your site to look like and how it should function

Stage 2: Design, build and agree terms

After some initial conclusions we agree an outline for the work and agree on costs

Stage 3: An initial design

Now it's time to start discussing ideas and building you a mock up of the desing

Stage 4: Population of the site

Once your happy with the mock up and all the pages we'll start building the live site

Stage 5: Site deployment

Now the site is built we'll work through it together to finalise it and get it ready for launch

Stage 6: Final release

We now lauch the site.  From here on we'll update the site for you (£30 per month) so you don't need to worry

Alternatively take out £7.99 a month hosting package and get the same package but without the monthly updating (we'll still provide you telephone and email support).

A premium service

This type of site building ensures that you get exactly what you want.  We help you every step of the way.  By working with us you'll find that we can help you figure out what will work for your church and how to make the site as effective as possible.  

You get a custom built website that gives you full control and provides a great experience for your visitors.  By using our experienced team you'll find that you gain full control over the layout, design and visitor experience.  The best part of this experience is that you don't need to spend time figuring out how to work any specialist computer programs or figure out what works well and what doesn't - you can just ask us!

We'll help you ensure that your site is functional, user-friendly, mobile device optimised and well targeted for you visitors.  You can add features and functions at any time and we can offer extras that other systems can't.    As website developers we can write the software that will bring your ideas to life regardless of whether the system has the feature of not.

So why not get in touch today and start building the website to reach out and spread the Word of God.  Call 0141 530 4752  or contact us here



Great Features



We have multiple analytic platforms that we can set up for you, and we'll help you to understand how to get the best out of these statistics. Click «here» to find out more about our analytics systems.



We can build a secure area where you can share information for members only, or even just for church staff. An area for your church directory, minutes of meetings or photos of the creche!


Multiple Screens

Today's sites need to work across a multitude of devices - tablets, PCs, phones etc. They need to be responsive. We build these types of sites by default, so you don't have to worry.



Knowing there is someone you can phone is a must. Staffed by Christians who are happy to help, we can even log in "live" and show you how to solve the difficulty you are having.