Building New Websites
Websites4Christians are leaders in designing low cost, bespoke websites for churches and other Christian organisations. We build tailor-made websites for each of our customers. After discussing options and possibilities with you, we come up with a design and then build it just for you. It's the difference between "off the shelf" and bespoke tailoring.

Photo galleries

Photo galleries allow you to take your site visitors on a visual journey.  You can show them what your church or organisation life is all about.  It's easy to visually show the different types of fellowship that you offer.


Photo galleries can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your site.


A simple way to use the photo gallery is to pick a few images that you'd like to show.  The user can then click on one of them to get a slide show:


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Alternatively perhaps you have a page which shows your organisations coffee shop or an Internet cafe or some other outreach activity.  Our photo gallery software allows you to easily set up Photo albums for people to browse through.  Below you'll find an example for our fictitious coffee shop.


Our coffee shop

We're open from 10am to 12:30 pm  every day.  Why not pop in for a cake and coffee?

In the meantime why not have a look at some of the cakes we have to offer!


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Our Cake gallery

(click the above picture to view our cakes)

 Rolling Cake view


An alternative use for photo galleries might be to showcase your clubs and other activities. Offering a visual journey of the types of things you do always helps people to understand how they can get involved more clearly. Have a look below at an idea for a "clubs page".

Our Clubs

At Johnstone Church we're keen on building relationships through clubs and group activities. This helps us get to know existing and new members in an interesting environment. Currently we have three clubs. Why not have a look at some of their activities in the group photo albums below?

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Kite flying Stained glass Flower search

Great Features



We have multiple analytic platforms that we can set up for you, and we'll help you to understand how to get the best out of these statistics. Click «here» to find out more about our analytics systems.



We can build a secure area where you can share information for members only, or even just for church staff. An area for your church directory, minutes of meetings or photos of the creche!


Multiple Screens

Today's sites need to work across a multitude of devices - tablets, PCs, phones etc. They need to be responsive. We build these types of sites by default, so you don't have to worry.



Knowing there is someone you can phone is a must. Staffed by Christians who are happy to help, we can even log in "live" and show you how to solve the difficulty you are having.